Full services have been livestreamed and recorded most Sundays since the beginning of COVID-19. Since some parishioners still find this helpful, we plan to continue to livestream and post recordings of services for the foreseeable future.

Facebook Video – Participate in current livestreams and view recorded sermons going back to June 2020 (as well as other videos going back to April 2019).

YouTube – Also has some full services from 2018-2020 as well as older special occasions and special services going back to 2013.


YouTube Sermons Playlist – Video recorded sermons from Rev. Mary Koppel and Fr. Wayne Ray from Dec. 2018 to Jan. 2020.

Fr. Wayne’s Recent Sermons

  • Hail, Mary

    The British rock group the Beatles released a song in 1970 entitled, “Let it Be”.  It was written by Paul McCartney after he had a dream of his mother Mary who had died fifteen years earlier of cancer.  It was as if his mother were speaking to him with a message he really needed to… [read more]

  • Say What?

    There was a time, when a King’s word was law…but he was also the judge, the jury, and could be the executioner…if he wanted to wield the axe himself.  The King could be benevolent and merciful, or tyrannical and murderous…in any event it was as the King’s prerogative.  The King’s judgment couldn’t be appealed to… [read more]